032: Mouths to Feed and Butts to Wipe

Brand Loyalty. Lew claims everyone has it, but Adam is reluctant to admit it. In-n-Out is still one of the best burgers in CA and Lew has a horrible disease (hoarding) that spans from digital passwords to shoes.

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Brand Loyalty

Lew's Brand Loyalty

  1. Apple
  2. LuLuLemon
  3. Hydroflask
  4. Honda Automobiles
  5. Vans

Adam's Brand Loyalty

  1. Nintendo (fanboy status)
  2. Costco

Boycotted Brands (combined)

  • Walmart
  • Taco Bell
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon (Lew says "partially")


Opening Song by Steven James

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Where to Go

Recorded March 24, 2018


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