New Names... Same Great Content

A Time for Change

The Creative Genius podcast was originally conceived by 2 individuals; one an analytical, data-driven technician and the other an intellectual, open-minded teacher. Thus the podcast was dubbed "Creative Genius" as a tribute to those aforementioned hosts.

Today, Creative Genius means much more than just a technology podcast. It has grown beyond its original container and now spans a far-reahing network of visions and ideas. With this realization, it felt we were not doing the name justice.

With the inclusion of a new podcast Casual Dads and more ideas on the horizon, it was only fitting to rename the podcast which has found its niche discussing strictly technology (since one host has ZERO knowledge of culture).

Temporary Artwork for the Syntax Error podcast

Temporary Artwork for the Syntax Error podcast

Moving Forward

Creative Genius is now Syntax Error!

As most advertising would say: "New name, same great taste".

Creative Genius FM will remain the parent site for all future podcasts. It was only fitting to preserve a name which holds a special place in our hearts and serves as a tribute to the original hosts and their crazy idea.

TL;DR Creative Genius Podcast → Syntax Error ... Creative Genius FM is now a network!