Lew Leaving Creative Genius FM

So long, and thanks for all the fish

After co-founding the Creative Genius podcast and fostering its growth into the full-ledged network Creative Genius FM, Lew has decided to hang up his podcaster's microphone to focus on personal development.

Lew was often credited for being the most analytical host of Syntax Error, serving as the voice of reason for his fellow co-hosts. We will always remember Lew's LuLuLemon obsession, and his severe lack of pop-culture knowledge. His contributions helped define the Creative Genius FM brand, and the podcasts would not be running today without his help.

Lew may eventually return with some new podcasts of his own… so keep your ears open.

In the meantine, you can follow Lew's journey on Twitter @lewpiper

Safe Travels Lew. We hope to hear your voice return to the airwaves soon.

— Creative Genius FM Team