021: F^3 DRM Protected Episode

AIM died officially, SpaceX freaked out Southern California, and there is DRM protection all over the place. The boys are back for more and this time we are talking about that pesky DRM protection. It's there to protect the creator and the consumer. Tune in and see what we think!

Follow Up

Data Rights Management (DRM for short)

Places it exists

  • Video Games
  • E-Books
  • Film
  • Music
  • TV
  • Pictures
  • Streaming
  • All of which are digital of course

Other Countries do it differently

  • China judges you a little
  • EU is fast and loose with the rules if circumventing is not used for resell
  • USA is kind of intense, as we know -- DMCA

Challenges and issues

  • Is it better to protect the consumer or the creator? -- A little column A, a little column B
  • Internet outages
  • Analog recording software
  • With streaming, it is hard to discern what is owned and what is rented

Benefits to relaxing DRM is essentially it allows the consumer to have more freedom with the content they consume.

Wrap Up


Opening Song by Steven James

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